A Complete Edge Computing Platform

Simplified IT/OT Integration, Data Engineering & Real-Time Edge Intelligence. Easy to use, cross-platform, open architecture, edge computing for industrial time-series data.

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Why Foghub

Foghub offers the Critical-Path to IT/OT convergence, connecting Operations (Sensors, Devices, and Systems) with Business (People, Processes, and Applications), enabling automated data acquisition, data engineering, transformations, advanced analytics and ML.

Open connectivity, open architecture, cross-platform, and powerful data-federation.

Handle large variety, volume, and velocity of industrial data with out-of-the-box support for all data types, most popular industrial network protocols, OT/lab systems, and databases. Easily automate the collection of data about your production runs, batches, parts, cycle-times, process parameters, asset condition, performance, health, utilities, consumables as well as operators and their performance.

Reliable data-flow between OT and IT systems

Designed for scale, Foghub offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to handle large volumes and velocity of data. Make the most of your data with self-service data engineering, standardization, and transformation. Easy to use fully configurable data flows to ensure data remains available and usable by business stakeholders, when they want it, where they want it and in the system of their choice.

Rich in-stream analytics and real-time edge intelligence.

Built-in tools for advanced aggregations, computation, advanced analytics of streaming data coming from sensors, assets, manufacturing processes for condition evaluation, and event processing. This automates anomaly detection and responses, delivers insights about the real-time condition, performance, and compliance enabling instantaneous actions to cut preventable losses, analyze routine business operations, discern trends, set benchmarks faster and predict future events.

Improved decisions & business outcomes with data feed to the best-in-class business/IT systems.

Turbocharge existing business/IT systems with data, directly from the source-of-truth, securely, and transparently. Make the most of production and process data, improve visibility, responsiveness, decisions, and business outcomes with out-of-the-box connectors to the best of the breed cloud platforms, enterprise systems, databases, SaaS applications, messaging, and communication platforms.

Truly democratize your data with Foghub.

Deployment Modes

On-Prem: Single Plant Configuration

Foghub Platform is typically installed on a central server / VM within the plant network to connect to and process data from multiple assets on the factory floor.

On-Cloud/Hybrid: Multi-Plant Enterprise Configuration

Foghub Platform is hosted on a public / private cloud in a configuration that orchestrates connectivity to sensors, assets, systems, and manufacturing processes at each plant site within the respective plant networks.

Field Aggregation (Remote / Field Assets)

Typically deployed on a lightweight IoT gateway (of respective field asset) enabling remote connectivity, analytics for asset performance monitoring. The management and orchestration of these remote assets is facilitated by Foghub hosted on public / private cloud.

Alliances and Partnerships

For an end-user, a digital transformation project demands deeper collaboration between their IT and OT and so does between multiple vendors in the ecosystem. At Foghub, we believe in a collaborative approach to the solution delivery and hence are open to partner with SI’s, Consultants and Technology companies to deliver on the promise of “True Digital Transformation” by removing all barriers.

System Integrators

Are you a Control Automation or a Software SI? Foghub is an ideal platform to have in your product-service mix to rapidly deliver smart manufacturing & digital transformation solutions to your customers.

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Consulting Firms

Are you leading the digital strategy for your customers? Foghub is an ideal IT-OT convergence & edge analytics platform to rapidly deliver on the digital transformation roadmap for the customer.

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Technology Partners

Are you hardware, embedded systems, software product company or an OEM? Foghub platform can greatly enhance your product offering, create opportunities to deliver more value, and enable new business models.

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Global Delivery Network and Local Support


Foghub offers out of the box integration with most popular industrial network communication protocols, cloud platforms, enterprise systems (ERP / EAM / CRM / CMMS), databases, SaaS applications, messaging, and communication platforms.

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